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PostSubject: TEH RULEZ.   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:09 am

You knew it had to happen. So here it is.

Don't be a douche. That about sums it up.

2. Keep adult images in their appropriate categories, please. No one wants to get in trouble here. Same goes for downloadable media.

3. Please try your best to keep posts in the appropriate categories. This just makes it easier for all of us to find what we want when we want it.

4. NO ADS.
Take your meaningless erectile dysfunction medication advertisements somewhere else. This doesn't mean that you can't share links to other places or anything like that, but don't post the crap you get in your e-mail junk folder.

Spamming sorta goes with the no ads thing. You guys know what spam is. No trolling goes with the first rule, really. Don't run around wreaking havoc for the sake of chaos.

6. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. You only need one, end of story. If you have, for some reason, had your access to the forum restricted and feel this action was unwarranted, you may contact a moderator to discuss the issue. Don't make another account to bypass a ban.

7. Please keep your images to a reasonable size. You may post large images, but the AVATAR size is 200x200 pixels. Please DO NOT post large images for your signatures. You may post multiple lines of text and/or images, but please use your judgment as to the total size.

8. DO NOT flood the chatbox! This is for you to chat in real time, not lock up everyone's browsers with a bunch of spam and meaningless posts.

9. No sex role-playing in the chatbox.
Please take e-sex acts to a private area.

That's not so bad, now is it? cheers

Now run off and enjoy your geekery, my lovelies!
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