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 future cosplays plans.

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PostSubject: future cosplays plans.   Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:51 am

well, we all know kimya and i are doing reborn...

but is anyone else cosplaying? lou? acen next year?

i have two versions of gokudera planned for sac anime and yaoi con. maybe i'll do more of him in the future. i want to do his TYL self (geez, my mafia itachi is almost gokudera, sans vest, hat, and scarf) eventually... but i'm NOT wearing a suit for cosplay in california in august. i would die of freaking heat stroke.

these versions...

this is fanart, but i couldn't find another sistema CAI version on PB.

i actually really want to do this version of gokudera, too... maybe at sac anime in january, since it'll be cold.

also, for yaoi con, the plan is stein from soul eater.

you notice that they all smoke?! how perfect is that?! i can actually keep my glasses on with both of them, too, technically.

then, next year, i was thinking ukitake... the biggest problem is his zanpakutou, though. it'd be awesome to do the pair of them, but i was thinking of doing this for ACEN, especially if lou and hubby are doing nanao and kyouraku... which means i have to worry about what i can and cannot take on the plane, and how big it'll be. i can't check more than one bag...

what i want to eventually do - but i'll have to get crafty with a sewing machine, is koumei from koutetsu sangokushi at yaoi con.

but his dark version, which is just all the white on him turned black (no wig, YES!). i also think i'm too fat.

eventually, i'd like to do a ninjaverse itachi, too. so, we'll see.

another hope is squalo. TYL squalo, but not that black and varia uniform version, the first one you see of him. i think i'm too fat for him, too. Laughing

this squalo...
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future cosplays plans.
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