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 Skin Trade

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PostSubject: Skin Trade   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:43 am

So, I gave in and read skin Trade. I started reading it today at the bookstore and got so into it I decided to spend the money and take it home.

I have to say of all the recent books this one has been my favorite. I haven't liked a book this much since Narcissus in Chains. Maybe it was because there weren't a ton of men vying for Anita's attention. I mean it was all about the story. Yeah, there was metaphysical stuff and arduer feedings but it was different. I mean they happened, Hell even the sex happened but it was all side stuff. The sex WASN'T the story and that's what I've been missing.

All the recent books were sex, relationship issues with a small side of mystery thrown in. I hate that. But this book reminded me of why I started liking the Anita Blake series in the first place. I like Anita. Yeah, she's bitchy and can be really annoying. But the main thing I always liked about her was her backbone. Yeah shit sucks and what not and its hard and all that jazz but she doesn't care she's busting in and kicking ass anyway. I loved it.

This is actually a book I would re-read. Hell I even enjoyed the sex. I thought it was really good and it was a 20+ pages sex scene. She devoted time to it but the story wasn't about her trailing from one sex scene to another it was about her working to solve a case.

I was very very pleasantly surprised by this book. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction for the series.

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Skin Trade
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